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Innovative. Efficient. Competitive.

AWS Media Company, LLC is a full service web development and design agency located in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. We are a small, efficient company specializing in website development, web application development, and online identity building.

Using the latest open-source technologies, we are able to develop custom and effective web applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development. We work primarily with the Drupal framework, enabling us to rapidly build scalable software solutions for small business to enterprise applications, and everything in-between.

Founded in 2008, we pride ourselves in efficient and clean development principals, competetive rates, and a focus on maintaining close and successful relationships with our clients. It's now 2020, and we're extremely proud that we're still working closely with 7 of our first 10 clients!

Get in touch! We'll be happy to discuss your project, offer some advice and send you a quote if desired.

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